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Eulogyrocks Metal


Eulogy are a hard rock band based in Cardiff, UK. Since forming in 2017, they have played original songs with a dark, lyrical twist to variety of audiences across the country.

In February 2019, Eulogy released a 4 track EP titled "Memento Mori" which paved the way for Eulogy’s future, with powerful, uncompromising melodies and vocals that offer contrast against the darker lyrical meanings within songs.

In January 2021, the Eulogy line up was completed with the introduction of rhythm guitarist Brian Perkins, with Josh Bird joining later in January 2022 as Eulogy’s drummer. 

This year, alongside playing at numerous gigs and festivals, Eulogy are busy working on the release of their upcoming album Rebirth which is due for release later this year. It’s expected that Rebirth with mark an exciting new chapter for the band as it grows and evolves.

Rock Band
Eulogyrocks Metal
Neil Thomas - Vocals + Bass
Neil Eulogy

Neil is the vocal power house and frontman of Eulogy. He has been part of a number of original and cover bands on the South Wales circuit for many years. In addition to being a talented vocalist, Neil has experience playing multiple instruments including guitar, bass and keyboard which he has utilised in previous bands and solo projects. 

Neil’s influences span all genres of music, however he has a particular passion for rock, hard rock and metal music from the likes of bands such as Queensryche, Alter Bridge and Metallica. 

Outside of his works with Eulogy, Neil has been a member and top tenor of a male voice choir who regularly performed at the Wales international rugby games. 

Neil along with guitarist Mike Williams were part of a music project which later became the birthplace of Eulogy

Eulogyrocks Metal
Mike Williams - Lead Guitar

Mike is the shredding, hard rocking lead guitarist and main song writer of Eulogy. He is a creative, powerful and experienced guitarist and lyricist who has performed with several original groups on the South Wales music scene for many years. Mike, is the driving force behind Eulogy’s darker side, generally preferring lyrics surrounding the more sinister sides of life and human nature, then combining these with and inspired and powerful melodies. 

Mike’s main musical influences stem from the heavier side of the rock world including bands such as Metallica, Testament, Mastadon which in turn have influenced his writing and playing styles.

As a fellow founder Mike aspires to push the message of Eulogy, whilst writing and performing unique, evolving and impactful melodies, solos and lyrics which leave audiences in awe and wanting more. 

Mike Eulogy
Eulogyrocks Metal
Brian Perkins - Rhythm Guitar
Richard Eulogy

Rock music has always played a big part in Brians life with influences from all rock genre's including AC/DC Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Dio. So playing guitar was a natural thing for Brian to do.

He cut his teeth playing in the original South Wales band scene in the late 80's into the early 90's. After a short break from playing (around 20 years) he got lured back in and spent many years playing in cover bands until the desire to be more creative became to strong, so it was time for a reset.
Brian joined Eulogy as second guitar, adding to their already huge sound, and is thriving on playing their monster riffage live and soaking in the responses from audiences up and down the country. 
Brian is in for the long haul excited take Eulogy all the way.

Eulogyrocks Metal
Joshua Bird - Drums
Josh Eulogy

Josh is the energetic, hard-hitting drummer forming the backbone of Eulogy’s sound. Josh started his drumming journey at 15 years of age, and performed at some minor gigs in the Valleys in his youth. However, after 5 years his academic then work pursuits put his musical aspirations on hold, but could always be found tapping away, or air drumming his favourite tracks long into his 20s. In 2020, Josh returned to drumming and reignited his passion and has been playing ever since. 

Josh joined Eulogy officially in January 2022 and has been working to put his creative spin on the current songs. 

Josh’s drumming style has been influenced by various drummers from different genres ranging from jazz and punk to heavy metal, however hard rock is where is talent thrives. His main drumming influences are Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) , Scott Phillips (Alter Bridge), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Chad Szeliga (Breaking Benjamin), Travis Barker (Blink 182). 

Eulogyrocks Metal
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